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A jumbled mess of squee

31 Jan

Good morning my lovelies! How’s everyone doing?

January is always crazy at work, and this year has not been an exception. Customers shipping late or buying after-christmas deals = chaos (still).

How’s the New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Break any, or all of them, yet? Obviously mine isn’t going as well as I planned since I am just now writing my second post of the month. So, big oopsie there :-p

Brightside to the chaos, Gallifrey One is in less than two weeks!!! Can’t wait to see my Who family again ❤


And on top of being totally stoked for Gally, my ribbons finally arrived! They are even cuter than I hoped for! Love love LOVE them!


 OH! Did you guys see the new Serenity comics came out this week?!?! THEY. ARE. AMAZINGG!


Of course I grabbed all three covers. Totally worth it! I won’t give anything away yet, so GO FORTH AND READ THE SERENITY FANTASTICNESS!

Enough of that squee-ing and more, well…squee-ing. My larger version Ninth Doctor arrived. He was my first Doctor and always will be. Love the man!


 Much like the title of this blog post said, this has been Jessica’s “…jumbled mess of squee”, heehee. More timely posts to follow next month. Actually, expect a bunch of Gallifrey One related posts next month 🙂

Signing off,



Update time (including a bit of Gally)

8 Mar

Where did the time go? How is it already the 8th of March? I like being older, but not if the years start flying by this quickly!

Generalized update:
1. ConCrud
2. Severe Allergies
3. School took over my life
4. My manager was out on leave, so I was basically left in charge.

All that equals chaos in the life of Jessica. That being said, let me break it down for you. As for being sick, I thought I had escaped the concrud that everyone was complaining about having, and then a week after Gally BAM! Sick for 5 days and then thanks to this beautiful spring-like weather we’re having, the allergies kicked in. (Hooray for everyone on campus looking like death warmed over with half of them having whatever was going around and the other half dealing with allergies). Still a little stuffed up, but I am 100% on the energy levels 🙂

School kicked into high gear as soon as I got back from LA, which I struggled with because I was totally off my sleep schedule.  Over the course of one weekend, I had gotten used to staying up until midnight or 2a and then waking up at 430a or 6a to start over again. Granted, I was able to do it due to being on a convention high.  I got home and was back to my “normal schedule” of going to bed at 6 or 7p and waking up at 2 or 230a. Well, I tried anyways.  I still ended up going to bed at around 10p and then waking up at 230a for work, hauling butt to school and trying to stay alert enough to actually learn something. Then I got sick the day before my Myths and Moundbuilders exam, but I did get an A on it *woohoo* Thankfully, Spring Break is next week (and SXSW and a Doctor Who BBCA Meetup), so everything will be amazeballs and truly back to normal after that.

Gallifrey: was amazing. A-MA-ZING! That’s all I can really say. It was a great first Doctor Who Convention experience, I’m uber happy that I was able to attend, and there were so many highlights:
1. Seeing the Radio Free Skaro live show and talking to Warren randomly at the bar.
2. Meeting Camille Coduri, Paul McGann, Tony Curran, Mark Shephard, William Russell, Nicholas Briggs, Barnaby Edwards, Charlie Ross, Jake McGann, Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Philip Segal, and the Big Finish actors.
3. Meeting peeps from LJ (Hi Michelle! Hi Becca!)
4. Seeing the insaneness of an Amy Pond photoshoot.
5. Skittle Amys (that showed up anyways lol)
6. The 3 Who Fangirl!
7. Meeting Austin Whovians (hey guys!!)
8. All the freakin fantastic cosplay. My faves: Aztec Barbara, the Adipose, the Ood (and the Ood-dogs), Old Amy, the hot Nine, the Nine with the mannequin arm…the list can go on for awhile…
9. LobbyCon
10. Roscoe’s in Inglewood

Work has been work.  My manager went on leave the day before I left for LA, so I had to jump right back into the muck as soon as I got back. However, she started back yesterday, so my three and a half weeks of working hell is over! *happy dance*

That’s the update.  Now that everything is on a normal cycle, I’ll bug y’all more often 😉

Peace & Who,

The last collection of random #Gally photos.

24 Feb

These are the rest of the Gallifrey One photos I have.  I took more video than I did photos, but it was my first year at gally so I was trying to get my feet wet. Now I know what to expect next year 🙂 I’ll have the links to the videos once I get them up on YouTube.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see y’all at Gally in 2013!



Some Gally Cosplay photos.

24 Feb

The few Gally cosplay photos that I remembered to take instead of just staring at in awe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

End of Lobby*Con ribbon hunt

16 Feb

Peace & Who

Gally is only 12 days out!

4 Feb

What’s a geek girl to do when there’s less than 2 weeks to her next out-of-town cosplaying convention? Why, make lists of course!

Still need:

  1. white slip (rose)
  2. black mules (rose & donna)
  3. try to find better PIC cami, but not necessary
  4. maybe one more pair of plain black leggings.
  5. order hot pink tights
  6. find a CotBS cardigan, or ixnay outfit
  7. white lab coat (rose)
  8. cheap “psychic paper” but necessary
  9. nice black trousers

In total I’m packing 7 outfits, of which 2 are for photo shots and 1 is for the 500 miles video. Also, one may just be a backup in case I’m uncomfortable with one of the remaining ones.

Oh, and I need wooden spoons for my “Sue from catering” part. Damn, more crap to buy!

All Gally things aside, in one week I’ll be at the SciFi Exp, seeing Adam Baldwin again and meeting Ron Glass, Sean Maher and Jewel Staite!!!!! *squee*

Peace & Love,


Quick & Random:

28 Jan

I checked the mail before work this morning: Gallifrey One postcard was waiting!!! Extremely excited!! 19 days until I leave for the convention and I feel like I’m not ready…sigh. Get through the next three weeks of classes and then L.A. HERE I COME!

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