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Gallifrey One 2014 – Saturday

19 Feb

Gallifrey One 2014 - Saturday

One picture will pretty much some up Saturday for me. I’ll give a proper update later, but for now enjoy the TinLitter with the Eighth Doctor.

Work area at home

1 Apr

So, in my apartment I have a section of my living room cornered off to act as my work area. I call it my “sewing/jewelry making/cosplay” creative space. Considering the apartment is just at 500 sqft, giving up as much space as I did was my way of accepting my new outlets. The only things I don’t have room for anywhere in my apartment are all my action figures. My daleks, TARDII and select Doctors are in my room, but for the most part, the figures are bagged up, le sigh. Here are a few photos to explain it all better.

Hope y’all had a grand weekend!!

Peace & Who

BBC America and SXSW

14 Mar

The Doctor Who Fan Club of Austin Texas is having a watch party for SXSW. BBC America has said they will stop by. We’ll be at Tribe Comics and Games off of Manchaca in South Central Austin.

Festivities start at 8p and include a costume contest with wonderful prizes of geekery, Who style (Prizes are for Best Doctor, Best Companion, Best Baddie, and Best Doctor Who nerd tee).

It will be great fun, so come out to meet some local Austin Whovians, watch some Who, and be merry!

Peace & Who

Some Gally Cosplay photos.

24 Feb

The few Gally cosplay photos that I remembered to take instead of just staring at in awe.

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Gally is only 12 days out!

4 Feb

What’s a geek girl to do when there’s less than 2 weeks to her next out-of-town cosplaying convention? Why, make lists of course!

Still need:

  1. white slip (rose)
  2. black mules (rose & donna)
  3. try to find better PIC cami, but not necessary
  4. maybe one more pair of plain black leggings.
  5. order hot pink tights
  6. find a CotBS cardigan, or ixnay outfit
  7. white lab coat (rose)
  8. cheap “psychic paper” but necessary
  9. nice black trousers

In total I’m packing 7 outfits, of which 2 are for photo shots and 1 is for the 500 miles video. Also, one may just be a backup in case I’m uncomfortable with one of the remaining ones.

Oh, and I need wooden spoons for my “Sue from catering” part. Damn, more crap to buy!

All Gally things aside, in one week I’ll be at the SciFi Exp, seeing Adam Baldwin again and meeting Ron Glass, Sean Maher and Jewel Staite!!!!! *squee*

Peace & Love,


ComicCon weekend

31 Oct

So, since I’m now traveling on the Friday of ComicCom for my internship, I am down to two costumes. Obviously I’ll be doing my Femme!Jayne on Saturday since I’m meeting Adam Baldwin. Sunday I have decided will be my Dinner lady Rose Tyler. It’ll be a test run for Gally. Hopefully *someone* will recognize me. If not, it’s all good 🙂 I was planning on the steam punk archaeologist as well, but time and money will have run out. I’ll save that for comicpalooza in June.

Anyone have a winning lotto ticket they don’t need? 😉

Peace & Who,


Peace & Who

Costume pieces needed (bought/made) for Austin ComicCon

25 Sep

Troublemaker shirt
Black combat boots

New black wig (the one I have went the way of cheap Halloween wigs)
Lab Coat
Possibly new black pants, can’t decide

Rose Tyler – dinner lady ala “School Reunion”:
White hat
White slip

Steampunk Archaeologist:
Victorian boots
Victorian shirt
Decide on skirt pattern

That’s that. I still have plenty to do for Gally in February, but I’m not stressing out about those until I buy my plane ticket in a couple of months.

Peace & Who

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