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Austin ComicCon and Doctor Who

29 Oct

The Doctor Who Fan Club of Austin Texas will have a booth at this year’s Austin ComicCon.  Stop by and check us out!!  One of our chairmen will more than likely be bringing his 10th Doctor cardboard cutout with him, so you’ll have to suffer and take pictures with sexy sexy 10 😉

*sidenote* The Austin Browncoats are also having their Jayne Cobb Knit-a-thon.  We’re raising money for charity and are currently at $11/hat, so come cheer on Ma Cobb as her knitting needles yarn it up all 3 days of the convention!  You can find more information here, or check them out on facebook.

Everyone have a great halloween and a safe one! Watch the cops and their “No Refusal” weekends!!

Peace & Who,


Costume pieces needed (bought/made) for Austin ComicCon

25 Sep

Troublemaker shirt
Black combat boots

New black wig (the one I have went the way of cheap Halloween wigs)
Lab Coat
Possibly new black pants, can’t decide

Rose Tyler – dinner lady ala “School Reunion”:
White hat
White slip

Steampunk Archaeologist:
Victorian boots
Victorian shirt
Decide on skirt pattern

That’s that. I still have plenty to do for Gally in February, but I’m not stressing out about those until I buy my plane ticket in a couple of months.

Peace & Who

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