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Why I’ve smiled lately…

5 Jul
I can’t put EVERYTHING in this list that has made me smile (keeping it PG lol), but here’s a small sample from the last month and a half (sorry it’s been so long!):



It’s two of my favorite animals in one photo! I need more cute photos like this 🙂


Spent Comicpalooza with two awesome friends. Shout outs to Molly and Mark! It was definitely an interesting blast, because FOUR DOCTORS! 😉

Speaking of Doctors……..


I was able to mark another Doctor off my list: the Fifth Doctor! He may not be my favorite Doctor, but I have found I absolutely adore Peter Davison ❤ Plus come on, this photo is awesome (mainly because we were all laughing as my wig had attacked his face at first)


Gotta love us Shafer gals 😉 Family embraces your weirdness (only because they are just as weird!)

 WP_004954 WP_004964

Helped End Alzheimer’s on The Longest Day this year with my loves, Team Wine Lords. Always have a blast with these people.


And most recently, spent a long weekend with my parents celebrating their 35th Anniversary  ❤

Love you Moeder, love you Dad!

Celebrate, Regenerate Fanzine and #DoctorWho’s 50th Anniversary

15 Jul

**edited to include new stories I am reviewing and the website’s poster**

With Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary fast approaching next year, everyone is getting on board to celebrate in any shape or form they can. I am no exception. I’ve found Celebrate, Regenerate, which is a fanzine specifically for the 50th anniversary. They would like to have every DW story reviewed/analyzed (and not negatively) for both Classic and NuWho.

More info here: http://celebrateregenerate.blogspot.co.uk/


(From their website)

Our aim is to follow in the footsteps of the Doctor Who Magazine ‘200 Golden Moments’ special. Except this ‘zine will be written entirely by as many fans of the show as possible. Everybody is invited to write for us, whether you’re 10 or 100!

On the ‘Stories’ page, you’ll find a list of all Doctor Who stories that need to be covered. As each one is taken by a fan, it’ll be ticked off. Hopefully we’ll end up with every story taken by the end of the project. Once we have the content, we’ll be able to build up a physical ‘zine which you’ll then be able to get hold of and read.

Be part of Doctor Who’s 50th!


I am doing three (I know! 3!): the Third Doctor’s ‘Death to the Daleks’; the Ninth Doctor’s two part finale ‘Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways’; and the Tenth Doctor’s ‘Fear Her’ (hush, I loved it for what it was, so stop hating on it!) Come join in on the Whopreciation with me!!

Peace & Love,

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