• You say plus size.  What size are you? – annonymous  

    Well annonymous, it’s more sizeS. I am not a little stick girl. I have curves and love having curves. Though, ready to lose a few of them. Thankfully, I have always been curvy, so I already have the hour glass shape!


  • I wouldn’t say you represent a normal geek. Do you even read comics? – annonymous

    Thank you annoymous ( I think?)! This is a stereotype free website.  That being said, I do read comics (Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Angel & Faith, Aquaman, DMZ, Warehouse 13, The Guild, Serenity, Torchwood, and whatever else catches my eye at the comic store, along with Sailor Moon Mangas), I play some video games (though I don’t own a console anymore), and I cosplay at conventions. Those things make me fall into some peoples version of a geek.  Why, what’s yours “definition”?


  • How many pairs of shoes do you own? – annonymous

    Um, I have to give you an actual number? 😉 44 plus a rotating number of flipflops. Thankfully, I have reigned in the shoe shopping, so some of the 44  prs are cosplay only.  Well, 6 are anyways. At one point in my 20s I had over 100 pairs of shoes, so I am doing MUCH better now.

  • Which comic cons do you go to?

    As I live in Texas, I tend to stay in state. My yearly ones though are: Dallas SciFi Expo, Gallifrey One (in LA), Dallas Comic Con, Comicpalooza, Lonestar Comic Con, Space City Con, Dallas Fan Days, Alamo City Comic Con, & Wizard World Austin.

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