My Cosplays

Cosplay: the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, television show, book, comic, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.
 All I will say is don’t knock it ’til you try it. Even then, don’t knock it! And remember, it doesn’t matter your sex, gender, size, race, cultural background, anything… can cosplay whomever, or whatever, you want to cosplay.

While I don’t cosplay like I used to, I still have all my costumes, and I do have a list of ones I would love to re-create.
Doctor Who:
1. Donna Noble Season 4, Episode: Partners in Crime *retired*
2. Rose Tyler – Season 2, Episode: School Reunion (Dinner Lady) (see photo below) *retired*
3. Rose Tyler – Season 2, Episodes: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday *retired*
4. Rose Tyler – Season 1, Episode: Rose *retired*
5. Amy Pond – Season 5, Episodes: Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone *retired*
6. Amy Pond – Season 6, Episode: Curse of the Black Spot (less the pirate getup) *retired*
7. Amy Pond – Season 6, Episode: the Doctor’s Wife *retired*
8. Amy Pond – Red Skittles Amy (non-canon) *retired*
9. Femme!Four – Sorority Sisters of Rassilon *retired*
10. River Song – The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (see photos below)
11. Oswin Oswald – Asylum of the Daleks *retired*
12. TARDIS – 1960s Jamie version for the TARDIS Pod (#TARDISpod) (see photo below) *retired*
13. K-9 – Superhero version for the Tin Litter (#TinLitter) (see photos below) *retired*
14. Castaway!Eleventh Doctor (with Wilson!Handles) (see photo below) *retired*
15. Bill Potts – Prince shirt outfit
1. Abby Sciuto: with Cafpow cup and Bert
1. Femme!Jayne – Troublemaker
1. Femme!John Watson (aka Joan Watson) – everyday wear *retired*
2. Femme!Moriarty – Tower of London *retired*
3. Femme!Sherlock *retired*
The Walking Dead:
1. Femme!Merle (aka Merlene) (see photo below, for the hand at least) *tentatively retired*


In Progress:
Doctor Who:
1. Donna Noble – Series 4, Episodes: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
2. Donna Noble – Series 4, Episode: Turn Left; the Time Travel Jacket outfit
Sarah Jane Smith – Season 11, Story 74 – Planet of the Spiders
4. Sarah Jane Smith – Season 12, Story 77 – The Sontaran Experiment
1. Kaylee – Jumpsuit
2. River Tam
3. Femme!Capt.Mal
1. Ramona Flowers
2. Harley Quinn – New 52 (Roller derby version, but will be carrying the skates around the conventions instead because clumsy Jess is clumsy)
Photos of a few completed cosplays: (in various stages of completion as I am always working to bettering each costume)
????????????????#TinLitter (and the Eighth Doctor) – Gallifrey One 2014

In-flight Superhero!K9 photo by the fantastic photographer Omar Fremen – Gallifrey One 2014

TARDISpod#TARDISpod (and the Seventh Doctor) – Gallifrey One 2013

??????????????????Third Doctor, River Song, and the Eleventh Doctor – Austin Comic Con 2013

?????????????Dinnerlady!Rose  (with Rose Tyler herself) – Gallifrey One 2014
Billie Piper loved it, so woot! Actress approved!! Cosplay achievement unlocked!



River Song – Comicpalooza 2014
Yes, I was shooting at myself 😉 Kudos to the NASA peeps for making the suit’s arms move.


Femme!Merle, or Merlene as she is affectionately known as. – Austin Comic Con 2013
 I am very proud of Merle’s hand, especially as I made it on an incredibly tight budget. Best part of it is that both Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus loved it! Another cosplay achievement unlocked 🙂

Castaway!Eleventh Doctor with Wilson!Handles – Gallifrey One 2014 (Handles was a hit)

2 Responses to “My Cosplays”

  1. Nate 19 May, 2014 at 09:47 #

    Cool blog! I agree about Cosplaying at least once. I went as Nathan the first day and DeadMau5 the second. DeadMau5 was definitely more fun. 😉


    • Jessica Shafer 5 July, 2014 at 14:07 #

      I don’t know how I just now saw this 😛 It’ll be fun to see who we get you to cosplay as next!


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