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Argus Filch & Doctor Who

31 May

I am putting everything behind a read “more” for all you spoiler-phobes! And yes I’m looking at you Gary! 😉

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Patrick Stewart walking on stage at Dallas Comic Con 2012

27 May


Stan Lee clip from Dallas ComicCon 2012

27 May

Stan “the Man” Lee talks about Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane at Dallas Comic Con May 19, 2012. (Ignore the crazy laughing. Between mine, my friends and the little boys next to us, there is a constant random hyena sounding laugh.)


My niece at dinner last night!

25 May

Taking a break from working on videos and photos from Dallas Comic Con to show a bit of my totes adorb niece Ryleigh 🙂 Love ya RyRy!

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