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Life has been…..unhealthy.

6 Jun

I didn’t even bother looking at when I last posted because I know it has been a long while. Life in Dallas has been interesting. I never particularly loved the DFW area, and I took a chance moving here, but haven’t been very happy. My depression and anxiety have gone through the roof, and the number of panic attacks I have had has gone up 15x over the previous 3 years. I know some of the cause, but as it is not an easy fix, I am having to learn how to deal with all 3 of those things to keep myself from going off the deep end.

If you know me, you know I don’t like doctors. I don’t like being given medicine to fix myself. I don’t like talking through what’s bugging me. I really don’t like that I can’t fix myself on my own. I have turned to meditating. Which ended up just turning into me hiding in my apartment every weekend to decompress from the world.

Was moving here worth what I am currently battling? In some ways, yes. In a lot more ways, HELL NO.

Do I regret my choice? Almost every day. But it was exactly that: my choice. So I have to deal with the fallout.

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Gallifrey One 2015

23 Feb

If there’s one thing I look forward to every year, it’s the Doctor Who Con in LA, Gallifrey One. After the miserable last half of 2014, I was halfheartedly looking forward to my other “family reunion”. I honestly don’t go for the guests any more. I go to see all my friends from around the globe, and then  the guests are a bit of bonus.

Ignoring some drama, I arrived in LA the Wednesday prior to the convention and automatically felt relaxed. Nothing like being able to block out reality for a few days. Insert all the adventures of taking LA public transport to see the shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center, to our Doctor Who cosplays mashed up with comic characters on Friday, to saying goodbye to everyone on Sunday….it was a pretty damn good time. Didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but saw most everyone I wanted to, so still a WIN. I’ll let some photos explain the trip. Ready for next year, and more tourist time in LA.

peace & love




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#TheFavoritesofDoctorWho April Photo Challenge – Day 6

6 Apr

Favorite Heartbreaking Scene


Rose haters turn to the right. Donna Noble lovers, turn left (and I’m so, so sorry!).
(This will be in vid form, so….yeah)
and let’s not forget this sub-plot:





p.s. Today’s challenge KILLED my emotions, thx 😛


Gallifrey One 2014 – Saturday

19 Feb

Gallifrey One 2014 - Saturday

One picture will pretty much some up Saturday for me. I’ll give a proper update later, but for now enjoy the TinLitter with the Eighth Doctor.

Anything else want to go wrong?

1 Aug

To the arse who felt the need to spew his hate my way re: the TDKR massacre

20 Jul

*this rant is rated M for curse words*

The massacre at the theatre in Aurora Colorado saddens me. Do not send me crap saying that I am a bad person for being sad and upset this happened, “when there are other countries with worse issues.” You know what I have to say to you? This happened in my country. We are not a war zone. We do not have multiple extreme shootings like this on a daily basis. This happened in an enclosed building, where families and individuals just wanted to enjoy themselves and watch an amazing film. They did not think “hey, let’s risk our lives and go see the midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises.” Are you that much of a fucking asshole that you have no respect to the families who have all suffered losses? There was a 3 month old shot. A 3 MONTH OLD! Who the fuck are you to tell me not to be sad just because, to you, it’s “not as bad” as some random people in a country that has severe political unrest and terrorism issues. No I don’t know anyone in Aurora, nor do I know anyone in a middle eastern country, but I’ll be damned if ANYONE tells me how I am supposed to feel about ANYTHING.

Go spew your hate and ignorance elsewhere.

*hops off soapbox*

Happy 70th Birthday to my “husband” Harrison Ford

13 Jul

My “Sexiest Man of my Life” turns 70 today. Oh, the things I would do to this man!







*le sigh*

Peace & Love,

Driving to Dallas

21 May

As we were Dallas ComicCon bound, it’s a short road trip for us, but the short trips always worry me because something could go wrong and strand you when you’re *this* close to your destination. Thankfully, this time around everything went smoothly. As we left Austin, we weren’t even out of the parking lot yet when we encountered a stubborn suicidal bunny. After it hopped along, we were finally on our way. Then, going north on I35 just before Temple, a vulture randomly swoops down and lands in the lane next to ours. All we can do is drive by and look at it, and we watch as it flies off, narrowly missing being run over by an 18wheeler. Stupid bird. I made some stupid remark about its carcass feeding its cannibalistic cousin, which thinking back on it, isn’t as funny now as it was in the car lol.

We stopped off for dinner at Five Guys. We’ve never been there, so we ask about their burgers and the guy tells us that their regular burger comes w/2 patties. Um, wth?! Little burger it is then. Then we tell him we’ll split large fries, and he informs us that large fries can feed 4 ppl. Seriously, who created these portions? The food was fab though, I recommend it.

The rest of the trip was mainly random songs and geeky topics of conversation. We sang to some Garfield and Oates (pregnant women are scum for the win!), and to whatever else played on shuffle. Then we got to talking about the different level of geeks and nerds, especially w/Whovians. We decided that the ones who know the name of every director, producer, writer, extra, monster, whatever of every episode (Classic and New) are nerds, whereas we fall into the category of geek since we love Who, know each NewWho episode name (and some Classics), the main characters, some of writers and directors, but our life isn’t all Who 100% of the time. (Of course, replace Who w/whatever random, video game, LARP, yadda yadda  that fits you). Maybe our definition doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for us so there 🙂

We got to Laura’s parents house at about 1130p, and after greeting them, I promptly fell asleep as I had been up for 22hrs by that point. The box office was supposed to open at 930 Saturday morning, so I decided I would deal w/unpacking in the morning.

Day 1 of Dallas ComicCon will be up either tomorrow or Wednesday. My camera is acting up and I can’t get my videos off it, grrr!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Mega Millions, hmmm.

31 Mar

Not me this time!

To make up for it, I’ll watch some episodes of Warehouse 13 with Mark Sheppard in them *rrr*

Everyone have a great Saturday!

Some Gally Cosplay photos.

24 Feb

The few Gally cosplay photos that I remembered to take instead of just staring at in awe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

14 Feb


 I hope everyone has a great day, regardless of your “status”.  I love you all! ❤


8 Feb

I leave for SciFi Expo in 2 days!! I can’t wait to see Adam Baldwin again and to meet Ron Glass, Sean Maher and Jewel Staite!!!! Now to figure out what to say so I don’t come across like a total derp *sigh*

And theeeeeeeen, 8 days until I leave for LA and Gallifrey One! That is going to be a fantastic time 🙂 I’ve suggested a meetup prior to the convention starting for all of us Austin Whovians. 

Ha, I’m such a geek ❤

I want these shoes!

30 Jan

Anyone know the brand or where I can find them?Image

New ballet flats!

29 Jan

Got them at Avenue, during their 50-75% sale. Ended up only being $12.

Peace & Who

Snowman pee, Reindeer poo, and other fun Christmas madness

27 Dec

As exciting as snowman pee and reindeer poo may sound (and I am sure it might be, if you are a farmer living at the North Pole), my Christmas was relaxing and family-filled. 

I got off work on Christmas Eve (darn you UPS!), went home, packed up my car, and I was on my way.  I had the “Best of Billie Piper” playing with random switches to the Christmas music station and had a venti caramel macchiato keeping me warm.

I finally got to Houston and the first thing I did upon entering my parents abode was slide across their new entry hall floor.  Thankfully I stayed upright 🙂 I loved seeing my niece again! She is getting so big!!!

Short story long, Christmas Eve was spent at my Aunt & Uncle’s house in Pearland.  It was nice to be around family and always good seeing the Fens’. Christmas Day was wonderful.  I slept in until 430 (hey, that is 2 1/2 hrs more than a normal morning so shut it!). My sister, brother-in-law and nephew showed up, Dad had cinnamon rolls baking, and mom got the coffee brewing. Miss Sharon (aka Mom #2) came over and we all opened presents. It was nice.  Becca, my SIL, her mom came over to watch my niece open her presents.  Well, “open”  anyways lol.  She tore a little bit of the wrapping paper, but that was about it.  Still, not bad for a 4-month old. We spent the rest of the day chillaxing at the parentals and then on Boxing Day I did the same.  Well, add in some laundry and an expensive trip to Best Buy, and that was the end of my trip.  We went to La Presa for some yummy mexican food and then I headed home.  The drives between Austin and Houston are long and boring (though not as boring as Houston and Dalls thank god!)

My Christmas Score:
A Christmas Story leg lamp
Toshiba tablet and accessories
2 Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers: Eleven and Nine/Ten
Sailor Mooon new manga #1
Doctor Who Series 6
the yearly Holiday Barbie
heart earrings
Betsey Johnson bag

It was a great Christmas.  The Packers won, we watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and had a much needed time off from the daily routine.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas/Holiday as well!


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