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Time flies by so fast!

17 Apr

I was going thru random photos on a flash drive and came across this:

Austin Community College Archaeology mini field school, Yucatan, Mexico, 2008

I still can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since we went.  It was a blast, mostly. I would go back in a heartbeat, even if just to visit Merida.

Good times…

1 problem down, 2 to go!

28 Mar

After multiple emails going back and forth with a new advisor who had emails going with my old advisor, she finally approved my graduation application. *phew*

Now I just need to make sure I can pass my classes. Myths and Moundbuilders won’t be a problem and I’ll make an A. My correspondence class I just need to make sure I finish, blah. The killer this semester is my Theory of Anthropological Thought. God how I hate that class. Totally pointless and I could kill the person who felt that this class was detrimental to anyone getting their degree. Yes I know, positive thoughts, yada yada.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Work is actually going great right now, so that’s another stress on the back burner. I miss volunteering and need to get caught up on school work, so I can get back there next week.

Take care y’all!

Shoot me! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

26 Mar

I am so freaking sick of school. (I edited out about 3 words from there to keep it PG, so throw some in for me when you read this).

I hate the Capstone class.  I don’t see what the point of it is.  Not only that, but now this fall they are offering 4 specific classes in lieu of it. Such BS!! I would rather take an archaeology related theory class, then this stupid cultural one *screams*

Then I get an email this weekend, the day after the funeral, and it says I am not approved to graduate, but I can walk. Ok 1. Who wants to walk, but not graduate, I mean seriously? 2. How was I cool to graduate last fall, but now this semester I can’t? I am so over college. Especially with this worthless degree I am getting. I love archaeology, but I will work for UPS and then take my two weeks of vacation and do a field school somewhere.

Between that and the family stuff last week, and the stress of work, I can see how someone who doesn’t like life and can’t handle the stress would commit suicide. I personally like life and want to keep on keepin’ on, so I’m not going anywhere, but I can understand .

Is it time for a convention yet? I need some of “my” people to hang around.


Quick update

26 Feb

I haven’t forgotten about y’all; just been busy. I have an exam and anthro theory paper due tomorrow, so expect my Gallifrey One review shortly after that.

Last night was an Austin Doctor Who shindig. It was great to meet more fans in the area, talk shop, watch some Classic Who (The Sun Makers), and our host Michelle was finally introduced to the amazingness that was the Barrowman/Tennant kiss at SDCC ’08.

We also began planning out a get together during SXSW since BBCA and Steven Moffat will be in town. *fingers crossed* everything works out.

Oh! Check out Radio Free Skaro‘s newest podcast. They quickly mention “The Three Who Fangirl” (I’m still trying to get the name to catch on, as I want to podcast) at the 20:18 mark. Go listen! Now!

Til next time…..

Peace & Who

End of the Semester

6 Dec

I’m so over school at this point. I know having a degree is important, but holy batcrap I’m sick of classes. One semester left and no school EVER…AGAIN!! *sigh*

I am finishing my primatology project this evening to turn in tomorrow. Then studying for my human variation final I have Friday. After that I have 12 more pages of my internshipbpaper to write (which I’m not even sure when it’s due, oops).

Need motivation…..this’ll work

Peace & Who


3 Dec

What I have left to do this semester:

Human Biological Variation:
2 page paper
Oral Presentation
Final on Friday

Primate Behavior:
Extra credit paper
Finish reading 12 chapters
Discussion questions
3 hours of zoo observations
Final next Monday

15 page paper

Correspondence Class:
Try for 3-4 assignments by Christmas

On the plus side, I’m meeting my family and some friends in Brenham for my birthday in a couple of weeks, so that will help keep my mind centered.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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