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Life Throws Curveballs

14 Oct

…..but that doesn’t mean you have to cower.

My Camino hasn’t gone as planned. That was hard to come to terms with. However, the Camino takes and the Camino gives. I’ve finally welcomed the changes with open arms, and it has been a godsend.

Am I still a bit unhappy? Sure. Like 8%. The other 92% is having a fantastic time. Remember, it’s all about the journey. Sure, the destination is nice, but the journey is the bulk of the adventure. Don’t let blinders keep you from seeing life happen.

Why this post? I’m sitting in a café in O Mesón do Vento. It’s raining and 49F outside. I’m pretty much soaked, and the café con leche hits the spot. My left leg has started hurting again, and I’m weighing pros and cons on the next choice (mainly how much more soaked do I want to be).

To quote Grace and Favour: “…..but she was happy!” And I realized, I am. It’s taken over a year to get back to this point, and I know the time it took was necessary. Was I impatient? Very much so. Did I realize the time needed prior? Of course not.

Life’s not perfect. Don’t try and force it to be. Let it run its course, adjust where you can, and everything will work out in the end, even if it’s not the way you expected or initially wanted.

Life will throw you curveballs. Question is: will you catch them, or will you cower?



Life always throws curveballs

31 Mar

Thankfully this curveball was a good one. Nee, not good, great! I had given up on ever owning anything on my own, thanks to my inability to manage money and my credit in my 20s (live and learn), but the desire to have my own piece of this earth was always in the back of my mind. You know how it is, that little “well *maybe* I’ll be able to… day.”

Ladies and gentlemen, that one day finally came!

I now own my very own piece of Texas. It’s desert. It’s going to be offgrid. And I love it. Try and take it from me, and I will throat punch you.

It was 110% unexpected. I hadn’t been back to West Texas since my Geography field school at University, but I always did love it down there (and seriously, it continuously amazes me how vastly different regions of this state can be). I’m grateful to Moeder for finding the property listing, and to my parents for being willing to drive down there with me. Never underestimate the knowledge your parents have, even if they do frustrate you sometimes. (Love you both!!)

I want to drive straight back down there, put fencing up and start building the house, but a) come on Jess, you don’t really know how to do either of those things, and b) you’re now on a 5yr plan to move down there (or you have to win the lottery first), so patience padawan.

I’ll end this with my favourite photo I took at the ghost town down there. See y’all with the next post!


Our world has gotten a little darker

17 May

Sir Eduard Fens: Vader, Opa, Echtgenoot, Overgrootvader, Broer……passed away over night.

He was one of the strongest men in my life. Smart, loving, indomitable, and a bit quiet.

So many memories have been going through my mind since the news reached Texas that he was on a downward swing. They’ve been playing in my head like home videos. Then when Moeder rang me an hour ago and let me know that he passed, those home videos became snapshots. Stills. All movement ceased. My heart breaks a little more with each one that pops in my head.

I know the routine. “I’m glad he’s not in pain anymore.” or “His soul is in a better place now.” That’s all fine and dandy, but………

My heart goes out to Oma. Mij Moeder, Tante Lia, Oom Ed, Tante Patty.

Opa, we may cry over your passing, but know that these tears will be replaced by all the loving and fantastic memories we have of our time with you. ❤ ❤ ❤

Ik hou van jou.

jou kleindochter,



You didn’t die just recently,
You died some time ago.
Although your body stayed a while,
And didn’t really know.

For you had got Alzheimer’s,
You failed to comprehend.
Your body went on living.
But your mind had reached its end.

So we’ve already said, “Goodbye”,
To the person that we knew.
The person that we truly loved,
The person that was, “You”.

And so we meet again today,
To toast your bodies end.
For it was true and faithful,
Until right at the end.

And so, when we remember,
We’ll think of all the rest.
We’ll concentrate on earlier,
And remember all the best.

For in the real scheme of things,
Your illness wasn’t long.
Compared to all the happiness,
You brought your whole life long.

We think of you as yesterday,
When you were fit and well.
And when we’re asked about you,
It’s those things that we’ll tell.

And so we meet in remembrance,
Of a mind so fit and true.
We’re here to pay our last respects
To say that, “We love you”.

-Unknown (via Alzheimer’s Association)

2013, a quick review

1 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Did you have an amazing NYE? Celebrate anywhere exotic? How was last year for you?

2013 was a fantastic year for me. Unfortunately, I did not feel like sharing that fantasticness with my loyal readers (until now, kind of), and I do apologize for that. Hell, 16 months since my last post, smh. I’ve failed you guys.

That being said, I’m getting back in touch with my blog and can’t wait! 🙂 Hopefully some of y’all are still around, or at least are willing to come back.

All that being said, 2013 was (the good AND the bad):

NYE on 6th St with Miss R
Gallifrey One // “family” reunion
Miss R & Mr. N’s wedding
Graduated from university!!!
Dallas Comic Con w/Mr. A, Mr.S, and Miss J
Moved across town
Started a tabletop group with my friends
Space City Con w/Miss L
4th of July sno-balls with Miss J
Dallas Fan Days and getting a frickin amazeballs photo with John Barrowman *squeee*
Team Wine Lords won the Doctor Who pub quiz!!! Woot!
Left Mr. A behind as a friend
Austin Comic Con, photos with Michael Rooker & Norman Reedus, and my group being photographed like crazy
Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary ❤ (and in theatre!)
Family and Miss R came up for my 33rd
Christmas with the family back home
Matt Smith leaves Doctor Who 😦
NYE low key chillaxin with Miss L

So that's that. Hope everyone had a wonderful 2013, and that your 2014 is starting out hangover free and relaxed.

Much love

Dating is not a relationship.

9 Jul

Today everyone combines dating, relationships, and sex into one category. Am I the only one who doesn’t anymore? Is it passé?

You might be wondering why I am bringing this up. Whelp, at brunch today I met up with James and Mike and while we were there a guy I have dated and still occasionally go out with (read, no longer sleep with) was there. I shall call him “S”. “S” came by the table on his way out to say hey to James and myself (he doesn’t know Mike) and about 5-6 minutes after he had left I received a text from him that read “Is this the other guy you’ve been sleeping with? That’s f***ed up!” I showed James and Mike and we all got a good laugh out of it bc James and Mike are dating each other. So I waited until I got home, about 10 minutes ago, and tried to call him, but went to voicemail. So i said F*** it and emailed him. I let him know that:

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How I spent my Thursday morning. AKA the day from hell!

26 Jun

I’ll let the pictures explain some of it. I am sore and stiff, though I am finally up to about 90% mobility in my neck. I just cannot turn it to the right very quickly.  No broken bones or other serious injuries. The EMTs said I was lucky to be alive from the way she hit me and then the run in with the pole. I am just grateful my airbag did not go off. I am scared to death of those things. I hit the right side of my face/head against the steering wheel, so if it would have deployed I am pretty sure my neck would have snapped. (and yes, I was wearing my seatbelt. Have the mild burn to prove it.) I ended up with: light bruising under my right eye and around my neck; stiff neck (no initial mvmt to the right); sore sides; I favored my right leg; and had a 2″ bump on the right side of my head. The driver side door was jammed and the window would not roll down far enough to climb out, so I crawled out the passenger door. A nice gentleman from the mexican restaurant near the crash got us chairs and glasses of water and let me use his phone to call my mum (since my phone was who knows where in my car). A woman called 911 for us, the cops arrived, grabbed my phone and purse for me, took down information, and after an initial checkup, the EMTs took me by ambulance to the hopsital. The doctor (sadly, not The Doctor) checked me over and explained that I had no broken ribs, my thumb was just stressed and bruised, and that I had concussion symptoms, but no concussion (which was why I was dazed and slow to respond, but coming out of it quickly). I also had great blood pressure for someone just in an accident (I am great in stressful situation like this). I was finally done crying, he wrote my prescriptions, and I waited around trying to find someone to pick me up. Laura was able to bring me to CVS for the meds and drop me off at my apt. My mum and dad drove up from Houston (during which my dad got pulled over for speeding and thankfully was only given a warning. Which is hilarious b/c my dad drives like a snail normally. Love ya pops!) I kinda just stared at the living room wall until my parents arrived, threw random items into an overnight bag, picked up the prescriptions, and drove the three hours back to Houston so I could recuperate. Now I am dealing w/the pain & the other person’s insurance. Sick of everything.

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Is it time for Gally yet???

Work area at home

1 Apr

So, in my apartment I have a section of my living room cornered off to act as my work area. I call it my “sewing/jewelry making/cosplay” creative space. Considering the apartment is just at 500 sqft, giving up as much space as I did was my way of accepting my new outlets. The only things I don’t have room for anywhere in my apartment are all my action figures. My daleks, TARDII and select Doctors are in my room, but for the most part, the figures are bagged up, le sigh. Here are a few photos to explain it all better.

Hope y’all had a grand weekend!!

Peace & Who

1 problem down, 2 to go!

28 Mar

After multiple emails going back and forth with a new advisor who had emails going with my old advisor, she finally approved my graduation application. *phew*

Now I just need to make sure I can pass my classes. Myths and Moundbuilders won’t be a problem and I’ll make an A. My correspondence class I just need to make sure I finish, blah. The killer this semester is my Theory of Anthropological Thought. God how I hate that class. Totally pointless and I could kill the person who felt that this class was detrimental to anyone getting their degree. Yes I know, positive thoughts, yada yada.

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. Work is actually going great right now, so that’s another stress on the back burner. I miss volunteering and need to get caught up on school work, so I can get back there next week.

Take care y’all!

Shoot me! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

26 Mar

I am so freaking sick of school. (I edited out about 3 words from there to keep it PG, so throw some in for me when you read this).

I hate the Capstone class.  I don’t see what the point of it is.  Not only that, but now this fall they are offering 4 specific classes in lieu of it. Such BS!! I would rather take an archaeology related theory class, then this stupid cultural one *screams*

Then I get an email this weekend, the day after the funeral, and it says I am not approved to graduate, but I can walk. Ok 1. Who wants to walk, but not graduate, I mean seriously? 2. How was I cool to graduate last fall, but now this semester I can’t? I am so over college. Especially with this worthless degree I am getting. I love archaeology, but I will work for UPS and then take my two weeks of vacation and do a field school somewhere.

Between that and the family stuff last week, and the stress of work, I can see how someone who doesn’t like life and can’t handle the stress would commit suicide. I personally like life and want to keep on keepin’ on, so I’m not going anywhere, but I can understand .

Is it time for a convention yet? I need some of “my” people to hang around.


RIP Grace Shafer

22 Mar

My paternal grandmother passed away on Tuesday night. The whole situation surrounding her death is hinky, but I’m rolling with it for now. Today is the viewing, the rosary is tonight, and her funeral is Friday. My dad is holding up surprisingly well for the time being, but I’m worried the funeral might be too much for him. Just get through today first and then deal with Friday.

Grandma, miss you ❤

Peace & Who

Update time (including a bit of Gally)

8 Mar

Where did the time go? How is it already the 8th of March? I like being older, but not if the years start flying by this quickly!

Generalized update:
1. ConCrud
2. Severe Allergies
3. School took over my life
4. My manager was out on leave, so I was basically left in charge.

All that equals chaos in the life of Jessica. That being said, let me break it down for you. As for being sick, I thought I had escaped the concrud that everyone was complaining about having, and then a week after Gally BAM! Sick for 5 days and then thanks to this beautiful spring-like weather we’re having, the allergies kicked in. (Hooray for everyone on campus looking like death warmed over with half of them having whatever was going around and the other half dealing with allergies). Still a little stuffed up, but I am 100% on the energy levels 🙂

School kicked into high gear as soon as I got back from LA, which I struggled with because I was totally off my sleep schedule.  Over the course of one weekend, I had gotten used to staying up until midnight or 2a and then waking up at 430a or 6a to start over again. Granted, I was able to do it due to being on a convention high.  I got home and was back to my “normal schedule” of going to bed at 6 or 7p and waking up at 2 or 230a. Well, I tried anyways.  I still ended up going to bed at around 10p and then waking up at 230a for work, hauling butt to school and trying to stay alert enough to actually learn something. Then I got sick the day before my Myths and Moundbuilders exam, but I did get an A on it *woohoo* Thankfully, Spring Break is next week (and SXSW and a Doctor Who BBCA Meetup), so everything will be amazeballs and truly back to normal after that.

Gallifrey: was amazing. A-MA-ZING! That’s all I can really say. It was a great first Doctor Who Convention experience, I’m uber happy that I was able to attend, and there were so many highlights:
1. Seeing the Radio Free Skaro live show and talking to Warren randomly at the bar.
2. Meeting Camille Coduri, Paul McGann, Tony Curran, Mark Shephard, William Russell, Nicholas Briggs, Barnaby Edwards, Charlie Ross, Jake McGann, Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee Tso, Philip Segal, and the Big Finish actors.
3. Meeting peeps from LJ (Hi Michelle! Hi Becca!)
4. Seeing the insaneness of an Amy Pond photoshoot.
5. Skittle Amys (that showed up anyways lol)
6. The 3 Who Fangirl!
7. Meeting Austin Whovians (hey guys!!)
8. All the freakin fantastic cosplay. My faves: Aztec Barbara, the Adipose, the Ood (and the Ood-dogs), Old Amy, the hot Nine, the Nine with the mannequin arm…the list can go on for awhile…
9. LobbyCon
10. Roscoe’s in Inglewood

Work has been work.  My manager went on leave the day before I left for LA, so I had to jump right back into the muck as soon as I got back. However, she started back yesterday, so my three and a half weeks of working hell is over! *happy dance*

That’s the update.  Now that everything is on a normal cycle, I’ll bug y’all more often 😉

Peace & Who,

ConCrud has struck me down!

29 Feb

I feel like total crap. I watched everyone else get sick and then this past Sunday evening, BAM! So here it is Wednesday and I feel like a 98 year old woman with severe arthritis. What’s worse is my manager is out on leave, so I cannot call in.  I hope I’m not getting anyone else sick.  I’m using my cell phone to avoid using the office phones. And then I have to go to campus bc the one class I need to graduate takes attendence, wtf?!

I hope to be better by this weekend, so I can finish my Gally updates.

Everyone have a great rest of the week!!


SciFi Expo cast photo!

12 Feb

Quick foto, not the greatest quality right now and I look totally derpy, but *squee*

Peace & Who

WLU week 1

30 Jan


I’ve decided to update y’all each time I have my weigh-in at Weight Watchers.  I finished my first week and I was down 2.6 lbs.  A good start.  This week I can finally go back to working out.  I am glad.  Knowing how beautiful the weather was and not walking around Town Lake was painful. My end of the year goal is a size 18.  I don’t go by weight, but by clothing size.  It’s most practical at this point.

Too quote a hick that I can’t stand: “Get ‘er done!”




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