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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Review

16 Jun

I love most anything British. I love Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. Bill Nighy is smashing in anything he touches. Tom Wilkinson is a great actor. Penelope Wilton will always be “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister” to me. Celia Imrie I adored in After You’ve Gone. That being said, I needed to see this film.

“It’s funny. It’s warm. It’s touching.” – Graham Norton

Now granted, it took me a few weeks to shuffle my schedule around to fit it in, but I finally did this week. The 14th actually, as a matter of fact. I love catching the first movie of the day, especially during the summer when the kids are out of school (not mine, everyone else’s!).  It’s relaxing, the theatres are wonderfully empty, and most importantly for me, there were NO KIDS! (I don’t hate kids, but I prefer to enjoy my movie sin bambinos).

From here I’ll put everything else behind a cut so as not to spoil anything, but do know it was a cute film, and a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Continue reading

Can’t Stop the Serenity – Austin, TX

31 May

The Austin Browncoats just announced the dates for Austin’s “Can’t Stop the Serenity”: September 8-9, 2012 at the Alamo Drafthouse at Lake Creek.

Alamo Lake Creek
13729 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 416-5700

There will be three screenings on Saturday September 8th: 12p, 5p, and 10p. A no-frills screening is scheduled for Sunday September 9th at 12p. All info thus far released (including screening pricing) can be found here. All proceeds from the CSTS Events around the globe go to Equality Now.

 I hope to see many of you there! Last year’s was a blast and I am sure this year’s will be too!

Stay Shiny!

The Hunger Games **SPOILERS**

6 Apr

I went and saw The Hunger Games on Tuesday afternoon. It was amazing!! I’ll put everything else under a cut for you late-to-the-party people 😉

Continue reading

Movie time in the a.m.

19 Dec

Couldn’t sleep due to the douchecanoe the floor below who felt like having black metal band practice at 3am. So what do I do?

I put on my Four Last Songs DVD, warm up leftover pizza and settle back. Upside, no work and no class 🙂 And of course, Stanley Tucci and Rhys Ifans ❤

Peace & Who

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