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TopShop Mashup

3 Jun

I was browsing through the TopShop USA website and I came across these leggings:

I decided I wanted to put together a few outfits with the leggings as the base piece. (The shoes ended up going with each outfit I chose as well. What? They’re cute!) So, here is what I came up with. I’ll post links for the pieces involved (other than the leggings as they are linked above) after each photo.

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Shoe of the Week: Chanel Gun Heel

31 May

Ever since I saw these on the red carpet I just had to have them. 

 I’ve been looking for them for awhile and finally found a pair I liked. Of course, they HAD to be Chanel. They can be found here. I’m a southern girl (Texas!) and I love to visit the shooting ranges, yet I also love to dress up. The second I saw these, I knew I wanted them.That is what makes them the “Shoe of the Week”! Hope you enjoy!

Betsey Johnson, please come back soon!

16 May

I thought I would share with everyone. I love Betsey Johnson, and I am going to miss shopping at her stores….

DIY Shoe Decor

16 May

So, I’ve been wanting to decorate a cute pair of shoes to wear with jeans. Just something to cute to jazz up a normal day-to-day outfit. I finally broke down and decided that my red Torrid kitten heels were going to be “sacrificed” for the good of my creativity.

I have gemstones that I usually put on my eyelids when I go downtown, so I opted to use a few of those and some glitter for this project. Add in superglue and I was set. I didn’t really plan it out, or sketch my ideas out. I just grapped the glue and the gemstones and went to town. After I got to a decent stopping point on one shoe, due to the superglue high I was slowly getting, and this is where I was:

Left – before; right – at the halfway point

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Accessory of the Week: Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Ring

10 May
Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Ring in 14K Rose Gold (8-9mm)

Zoom in on this image

 I am not a “diamonds are  a girl’s best friend” type of girl. I prefer love pearls! I still can’t afford this ring, but the combination of chocolate pearl and rose gold….*rrr*
Hope you all enjoyed my “Accessory of the Week”!

Shoes of the Week: “Christian Louboutin Metal Nodo” pumps

7 May


Gorgeous, aren’t they!
I love CL’s shoes, but damn, why so much??

Accessory of the Week: Betsey Johnson MultiFlower Necklace

18 Apr

The affordable accessory this week is, of course, a Betsey Johnson piece.  I love her designs (just wish I could fit into her small sized clothing!).

Betsey Johnson MultiFlower Necklace, $68.00

Her “MULTI FLOWER NECKLACE” is a 16″ necklace, with an extra 3″ extender attached. It is nautical-themed with a spring flair, and of course has a cute skull with a bow on it. The colors are perfect for the spring and summer seasons and the website has a few otehr pieces that could be paired up with it perfectly!


Shoe of the Week: Mossimo Cheetah Ballet Flats

17 Apr

I love shoes.  Almost every woman I know does.  So my selection for this week is:

Mossimo Cheetah Ballet Flats via

Animal prints add a little pizzaz, or panache, to any outfit.  You can throw them on with your jeans, or slip into them with a cute summer dress, and best of all, they go with any season! I spoke with my friend Kelly and what she liked best was that they “weren’t too in your face” unless you wanted them to be. “They’re just fun!”

I haven’t found them at my local Target store yet, but you can find them on Target’s website. They are currently $12.99 USD (as of April 17).


Dream item of the Week: Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag

16 Apr

Yes, a Mulberry bag. You can start seeing dollar signs, pound signs, euro signs…whatever your currency, start seeing them!

Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag, not available.

Ever since photos of Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of Doctor Who) walking around NYC during filming were posted online, I fell in love with this bag.  How can you not? It’s cute, the strap gives it a touch of punk, it’s versatile, and you can still wander around a crowded city without worrying about someone slipping into your bag without you noticing. (ok, the last one still could happen, but this bag does have some useful deterents {ex the clips, the flap over the drawstring closure}).

Karen and her Mulberry. And I love her elephant jumper! (Photo credit: ??)

Thankfully, an amazing cosplayer on the Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming website has identified it relatively quickly (Many thanks to shannon_bean!). I have found different prices on it, anywhere from $830.00 to $1435.00 USD, so it will break the bank and/or make your credit card cry. Of course, that’s dependent on if you can find an original one anywhere, as it is currently unavailable.  Like Shannon says, there are some “outlet” store websites that carry the bag (in the $200-$300 USD range), but they are most likely knockoffs. I don’t condone buying knockoffs, but I’m not y’alls mother, so do what you will.

So, ladies and gents, that is the Dream Item of the Week. If any of my readers decide to pick it up, please oh pretty please, send photos to me ( of you proudly showing it off! I’d love to post them on the site ❤

Hope your weekend was rocking!!

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