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Fly Fast, Fly Free

8 May

painted by me, May 8, 2018

TopShop Mashup

3 Jun

I was browsing through the TopShop USA website and I came across these leggings:

I decided I wanted to put together a few outfits with the leggings as the base piece. (The shoes ended up going with each outfit I chose as well. What? They’re cute!) So, here is what I came up with. I’ll post links for the pieces involved (other than the leggings as they are linked above) after each photo.

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DIY Shoe Decor

16 May

So, I’ve been wanting to decorate a cute pair of shoes to wear with jeans. Just something to cute to jazz up a normal day-to-day outfit. I finally broke down and decided that my red Torrid kitten heels were going to be “sacrificed” for the good of my creativity.

I have gemstones that I usually put on my eyelids when I go downtown, so I opted to use a few of those and some glitter for this project. Add in superglue and I was set. I didn’t really plan it out, or sketch my ideas out. I just grapped the glue and the gemstones and went to town. After I got to a decent stopping point on one shoe, due to the superglue high I was slowly getting, and this is where I was:

Left – before; right – at the halfway point

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Awkward Beauty

4 Dec

11×14 canvas using Amsterdam acryllic paints.

Peace & Who

I was feeling arty…

3 Dec

However, ADD kicked in after I did the tricolor background, that this is what happened……not sure what to make of it. Oh well.

Peace & Who

Black Friday Sale

25 Nov

35% off at ShaferDazzle on Etsy.

Use coupon code •35BLACKFRIDAY2011• at checkout.

Also, for fandom lovers (yes, I’m looking at all you fangirls put there!), check out mylittlefandom on Etsy as well. Her shop is any fandom meets MLP (my little pony). She does great work and even has a 15% off coupon right now •heckyeahcyberfandom•

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, or a fantastic Thursday!!

Peace & Who

I’m official! :)

27 Sep

That’s right, I sold my first piece of art!! I put up to minor pieces on etsy to see if what I found interesting to create would attract attention or not.  It finally did! I am exstatic and cannot believe it!! (hence all the exclamation points lol).

In other news, I am off to my internship to take apart a rifle.  Wonder what goodies we’ll find inside this…

Hope everyone has a great day and I’ll try to get some more geektastic news up here eventually.

Peace & Who,



10th Doctor inspiration

25 Sep

I was bored unsure of what to do and decided on a quickie-not much work involved-but I like it anyways Doctor Who inspired painting. It’s based on David Tennant’s 10th Doctor and the 2nd series episodes Army of Ghosts and Doomsday. I’m contemplating an 11th Doctor one, but that’s another post….

Peace & Who

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