Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer and ScreenCap links

2 Aug

You can watch the Series 7 trailer here and everything else will be under the ‘more’ .

I initially didn’t care for the trailer (I watched it on my mobile), but after a couple of views on a real screen I ended up enjoying it. I especially loved the music throughout it (surprise, surprise), and how Matt’s face lit up like an excited little boy at Christmas when it came to “Dinosaurs.  On a spaceship!” 🙂

As I’ve read spoilers during the taping of the first half of series seven, I was a little let down by the way they put part of the trailer together, but I can admit that’s my fault and not theirs. They didn’t put the trailer together for those of us who don’t mind being spoiled.

Also, a shackled Angel?? And what is glowing on Rory’s wrist?

Anyways, here’s the link for the photos since WordPress isn’t cooperating!

If it stops working for any reason, let me know!!

Peace & Who

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