To the arse who felt the need to spew his hate my way re: the TDKR massacre

20 Jul

*this rant is rated M for curse words*

The massacre at the theatre in Aurora Colorado saddens me. Do not send me crap saying that I am a bad person for being sad and upset this happened, “when there are other countries with worse issues.” You know what I have to say to you? This happened in my country. We are not a war zone. We do not have multiple extreme shootings like this on a daily basis. This happened in an enclosed building, where families and individuals just wanted to enjoy themselves and watch an amazing film. They did not think “hey, let’s risk our lives and go see the midnight screening of the Dark Knight Rises.” Are you that much of a fucking asshole that you have no respect to the families who have all suffered losses? There was a 3 month old shot. A 3 MONTH OLD! Who the fuck are you to tell me not to be sad just because, to you, it’s “not as bad” as some random people in a country that has severe political unrest and terrorism issues. No I don’t know anyone in Aurora, nor do I know anyone in a middle eastern country, but I’ll be damned if ANYONE tells me how I am supposed to feel about ANYTHING.

Go spew your hate and ignorance elsewhere.

*hops off soapbox*

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