How I spent my Thursday morning. AKA the day from hell!

26 Jun

I’ll let the pictures explain some of it. I am sore and stiff, though I am finally up to about 90% mobility in my neck. I just cannot turn it to the right very quickly.  No broken bones or other serious injuries. The EMTs said I was lucky to be alive from the way she hit me and then the run in with the pole. I am just grateful my airbag did not go off. I am scared to death of those things. I hit the right side of my face/head against the steering wheel, so if it would have deployed I am pretty sure my neck would have snapped. (and yes, I was wearing my seatbelt. Have the mild burn to prove it.) I ended up with: light bruising under my right eye and around my neck; stiff neck (no initial mvmt to the right); sore sides; I favored my right leg; and had a 2″ bump on the right side of my head. The driver side door was jammed and the window would not roll down far enough to climb out, so I crawled out the passenger door. A nice gentleman from the mexican restaurant near the crash got us chairs and glasses of water and let me use his phone to call my mum (since my phone was who knows where in my car). A woman called 911 for us, the cops arrived, grabbed my phone and purse for me, took down information, and after an initial checkup, the EMTs took me by ambulance to the hopsital. The doctor (sadly, not The Doctor) checked me over and explained that I had no broken ribs, my thumb was just stressed and bruised, and that I had concussion symptoms, but no concussion (which was why I was dazed and slow to respond, but coming out of it quickly). I also had great blood pressure for someone just in an accident (I am great in stressful situation like this). I was finally done crying, he wrote my prescriptions, and I waited around trying to find someone to pick me up. Laura was able to bring me to CVS for the meds and drop me off at my apt. My mum and dad drove up from Houston (during which my dad got pulled over for speeding and thankfully was only given a warning. Which is hilarious b/c my dad drives like a snail normally. Love ya pops!) I kinda just stared at the living room wall until my parents arrived, threw random items into an overnight bag, picked up the prescriptions, and drove the three hours back to Houston so I could recuperate. Now I am dealing w/the pain & the other person’s insurance. Sick of everything.

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