Dallas Comic Con 2012: Day 2

29 May

Day 2, dun-dun-dunnnnnnn 😉

We woke up early to get ready for the Sunday of the convention. I had planned to do my Army of Ghosts/Doomday Rose Tyler outfit, but I had a raging headache. I put on my Rose makeup, had the wig cap on and then the headache became a migraine. I knew I wouldn’t last 6+ hours in a tight wig, so I said to hell with cosplay and threw on my Shiny Bock Beer shirt and some jeans. Laid back and comfy turned out to be a godsend because it turned out we had plenty of waiting around to do.

We stopped off for coffee and donuts on the way to the convention center and that turned out to be perfect timing, because when we got to the center our section of the line got to wait in the shade *phew*. We waited about 45 minutes before they let us. While we were waiting, a sterotypical nerd (bad hair and skin, pale PALE skin, a geek tee, and bad tennis shoes) stopped and looked at Laura’s Doctor Who shirt she was wearing. Only…..he didn’t just stop and look at it. He looked at it and commented on, which is par for the course at conventions so no biggie. BUT, after commenting on it, he continued to stare at her shirt aka boobs. Awkward. I was trying not to bust a gut laughing at him, because…well, I just didn’t want to laugh at him (though I still felt like a bitch laughing at him after he walked off), but the same thing happened last Novemeber at Austin Comic Con. Laura attracts the weirdos at these things. Then, after he walked off and Laura and I got a good laugh out of it, the ass in front of us turned to me and said “Ma’am, it’s not nice to laugh at your future ex-husband.” In which all I could do is reply back “Mkay” and I laughed again. Sigh. I swear, if I didn’t love comics and SciFi so much, there is no way in hell I would deal with the bad, the weird and the ugly that go to these conventions.

Back to the convention though. Our plan of action for today was to hitup Summer Glau’s autograph first thing, then catch the panels for the day (Adam West/Burt Ward, James Marsters, and Peter Mayhew/Jeremy Bulloch/Dave Prowse), and then spend the last hour in the dealer’s room checking everything out. Well of course things didn’t pan out like we planned.

We got to the line for Summer at 1108-1110. VIP of course got to get their autographs first, but the line for them wasn’t so bad. So we thought. Apparently the convention volunteers were letting in vendors to have boxes of stuff signed. Ridiculous. One guy was in there for ~45minutes having items signed. And then there was an apparent security issue either in Summer’s room or somewhere else on the floor that held the line up even more. We ended up waiting 2 1/2 hours (!!!!!!) just to get into her room and then it was another 20minutes in there. I swear, If I didn’t need it for my collection, I would have gave up. The bright side to this (beside meeting Summer), was that we got to know the people we were in line with and they were a decent bunch. Especially since we were all getting irritated the longer we waited in line. (After I found out how long the George Perez and Kevin Conroy people waited, I stopped complaining). Inside the room, I was watching some people do her photo-op. Well, not so much a photo-op as it was a “Give me $40 and your camera and I’ll take a photo of you and Summer”. I wanted a photo with her, but for $40 I wanted it professionally done. Once we got to the table and helped one of the girls choose a photo to have signed for her boss we struck up a conversation with Summer’s sister. She noticed my Shiny Bock shirt and was saying that she wished they had Shiner Bock beer where they were living (which is either LA or Toronto…anyone know who doesn’t have Shiner?). We got to talking about beer while Laura had her book signed and then I greeted Summer, handed over my book and asked her if she would write a specific quote on it:

“Also, I could kill you with my brain.”

Yeah buddy!! I thanked her and then on the way out the door, the convention supervisor working her room asked to see my book and autograph, and smiled big and said “THAT’S what I’ll have her sign on mine as well!!” I was giddy. I LOVE that line 🙂 and Summer’s autograph was #5. Halfway done with the cast!

Now, by the time we left Summer’s room and made it to the grand ballroom we had missed Adam West and Burt Ward and we only caught the last 15 minutes of James Marsters. Laura scooted up a few rows during James’ panel, so when it was over, snagged us seats at the front of the GA section for the Star Wars panel. I love Star Wars and I love listening to Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) recount his tales from the set. Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) and Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) were no slouches either when it came down to it. They were amazing to listen to and when they would say their lines *chills*. Gah, such a dork lol.




Since the Star Wars panel was the last of the convention, we headed down to the dealer’s room because I really wanted to see about getting George Perez’s autograph (I know, broken record…). The line was still crazy, so I chalked it up to “Never Gonna Happen”. We stopped by Josh Adams’ table to see about his Sherlock and Doctor Who prints and then decided since it was Sunday we would shop. I ended up snagging a classic Doctor Who comic from 1984, 4 Wonder Woman comics, and the 2010 Doctor Who Storybook. Not bad. And all for $8. Can’t beat that!

After shopping we left since we still needed to swing by Laura’s parents’ house and grab our suitcases before we headed back to Austin. The convention was a great experience, especially as it was our first Dallas Comic Con. There are things that we’ll be better prepared for, as well as what comments we gave the convention supervisors (not that we were the only ones offering ways to change things to make them run more efficiently). All in all, a great weekend and well worth the trip!!

Next up: Texas ComiCon, San Antonio in June *rrr* Mark Sheppard and Cary Elwes.



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