Dallas ComicCon 2012: Day One

28 May

So, it has been a week since Dallas Comic Con. I wanted to do this wrap-up the day or two after it was over, but alas that did not happen. I’ve already covered the drive up to Dallas here, so let’s continue on to the first day of the convention.

My badges for the weekend


So, here we go:

Technically, since Stan Lee could not make the Sunday show, he agreed to sign autographs and do photos on the Friday prior, but since we were still driving to Dallas when this was going on, that flew out the window. Now, everyone knows how OCD I am about time. Well, at least when it comes to appointments or engagements of importance anyways. This time however, as much as I loathe to admit it, arriving to the convention center 30-45 minutes after the box office opened actually helped us line wise.

The line to buy tickets…

The total attendence for Saturday was ~15,000 which, as the guys who run DCC have said, was double the attendence from 2011. Insane. That being said, the people to space ratio was comparable to Gallifrey One and Gally was MUCH more organized. At one point, the fire marshall at the center was going to shut it down due to capacity. And don’t get me started on feeling like we were about to die getting off the escalator because there WAS NO WHERE TO GO TO WHEN YOU GOT OFF!!! *cue dramatic sigh* Continuing on though, after about an hour in line (waaaay better than some who waited 4 hrs to get in!) we got in, paid for our weekend badges and then I hauled butt to the fourth floor to get seats in the grand ballroom. I didn’t expect that was where I was going to be for the next 6 hours, but it was. When I walked into the ballroom there were maybe a dozen people in there, not counting the couple of VIP people. Everyone else was kind of pittering around and sitting by what they thought was the center aisle. Last I checked, the center aisle goes up from center stage and not stage left, but whatevers. I noncholantly walked by them and claimed the perfect seats in the front of general admission seating (which by the way the others realized I bested them seatwise and hurried over to claim the other good seats). *start tiny rant* The VIP section (500 seats) took up a good 10-12 rows in the front, which was fine since they paid more for them, but when the guests starts asking why there were so many empty seats up front, take a hint. Satisfied guests come back, not ones who feel no one wanted to see them. *end tiny rant* 


Before the convention officially started and Laura came in to hold our seats, I ran to the hall outside the ballroom to find the Morning Glories booth. I wanted to talk with Joe Eisma to find out when the next trade was coming out and also have him sign volume one. Thankfully, when I did find his booth he didn’t have a line yet, so I was able to have him sign the book and he also let me know that Morning Glories is going to be a 100-issue comic and that volume three of the trade was coming out in June. YAY!

Thank you Joe Eisma!!

The first guest panel was Kevin Conroy. Kevin is best known as the voice of Batman from the animated series (1990s – present) and also of the Arkham City Games. It was surreal hearing a voice I hadn’t heard since my brothers were little, 15-20 years ago. He was actually a wonderful panelist, very entertaining, and DCC & Gamestop presented him with an award for his hard work in his field. It was a honor to see it.


Closeup of the screen


After Kevin Conroy was Summer Glau *squee*. When they announced Summer the week or two prior to DCC, it solidified me attending. There was no way I was going to miss seeing my fifth Firefly cast member. I was bummed she wasn’t doing a proper photo-op, but glad they gave her panel time. She was great to listen to, was fluid and thoughtful with her answers, and seemed to genuinely like being there (yes, i know she could have been acting, but come on….). My favorite quote from her panel was “Joss Whedon saved me from being a starving artist and put me in space.”

Following Summer was Stan “the Man” Lee!! He was utterly amazing and it was a privilege to see/hear his panel.He spoke about starting out in his field, how the 50s were, how Marvel and DC got their names (and how stupid he thought DC’s was), how MaryJane came to be, and so much else. At one point he said that “I never know where the voices are coming from”. It was in regards to the microphones for the Q&A section and the rooms distorting the sound, but hilarious nonetheless! One person did ask him who his favorite character was, and Stan replied that if he was smart he would just pick the one that sold the most. Another asked him what made him continue on with Spiderman. Stan replied with a simple answer at first: “Greed”. He elaborated on, but he did smile big at his inital response. He was just a wonderful, snarky, on the ball man who I hope to see again at either Dallas ComicCon FanDays or at the New Orleans Comic Con.

Loved his panel!

After Stan was Neal & Josh Adams. I didn’t care for the way Neal Adams did his panel and I honestly found him quite boring, but I did enjoy finding out that his son Josh does work with IDW on the Doctor Who comics.

Then, what everyone at the convention was waiting for: SIR PATRICK STEWART!! As soon as the Adams’ panel was over, we were swarmed with people trying to get good seats and being insulted that they couldn’t find any (duh!). It was amazing. I know I use that word a lot, but A-MAZ-ING!! He was still a sexy and eloquent in the ballroom of this convention center as he is in any role he performs. He spoke about his trying to make a name for himself, his time on Star Trek, doing Shakepeare (at which he mentioned David Tennant and all the Whovians screamed, including us), and then he jumped to taking some questions. There were your usual x-men and star trek questions. During these questions Patrick addressed the issue of the empty seating. A question or two later, some people said to hell with VIP only and sat on the far edge of VIP and Patrick, seeing this, called for everyone to move up, so I shot up to the back rows of VIP where I could find a spot. Then two questions later, someone was asking who Patrick’s favorite villain was and when I turned to look at the person asking the question, it was John M-F’ing de Lancie! Of course, everyone went a bt crazy, standing up and taking photos. Patrick brought him on stage and they spoke about how at the last convention, Patrick had missed this question which was his queue to bring John onstage, and actually answereda villain other than “Q”. Patrick laughed reagling it and said he missed his Q/queue. Then he stopped, realized what he just said and replied “Oh, that was quite funny!” (i.e. Q vs queue). They answered a few questions together and then Patrick had to leave the stage to finish his autographs and photo-ops since he was only at DCC today (Saturday). John took over after that for about 20-25 minutes, and had us in stitches (well, he did me anyways, I love John). While he was calling out stuff that he had been in recently, the audience then joined in calling out stuff that they had seen and some mentioned Discord from My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, so he basically told the same story that I heard at Gally, but I could listen to him read the telephone book and be content, so whatevs 🙂

After the panels were over, we headed down to the Dealers Room and Artist Alley to see what was going on. I wanted to get one of my Wonder Woman comics signed by George Perez, but from what I was told, each day, barely all the VIP’s made it thru his line, so I pretty much accepted that wasn’t going to happen. I also wanted to meet Kristian Donaldson. He is an artist that has done work on Dr. Horrible and The Guild comics. He appreciated that we knew his work and wanted him to sign our books (Laura, his Dr. Horrible trade; I, The Guild’s Tink one-shot). I asked him some questions about his work, and he mentioned that he was going to be in Austin on June 13 at Austin Books and Comics for the release of his new comic, The Massive. I am stoked to see him again and The Massive looks fantastic. From what he told us about it, I think the storyline will be totes brill. As we were getting ready to leave, he gave each of us a free Dr. Horrible related printed signed by him. The man is pure awesomeness!

The Guild:Tink one-shot


Awesome Dr. Horrible print

After meeting Kristian, we decided to pack it in for the day. It was just an insane amount of people there and the line were chaotic, so we left. I’ll put up the short write-up for Day Two tomorrow. Not much happened other than waiting in line to meet a certain actress, but more on that next time.Everyone have a safe Memorial Day and keep the soldiers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow in your thoughts.


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