DIY Shoe Decor

16 May

So, I’ve been wanting to decorate a cute pair of shoes to wear with jeans. Just something to cute to jazz up a normal day-to-day outfit. I finally broke down and decided that my red Torrid kitten heels were going to be “sacrificed” for the good of my creativity.

I have gemstones that I usually put on my eyelids when I go downtown, so I opted to use a few of those and some glitter for this project. Add in superglue and I was set. I didn’t really plan it out, or sketch my ideas out. I just grapped the glue and the gemstones and went to town. After I got to a decent stopping point on one shoe, due to the superglue high I was slowly getting, and this is where I was:

Left – before; right – at the halfway point

I knew I wasn’t happy with it and that it was missing a certain *something*, but I couldn’t decided where to go from here. I threw this photo up on facebook to see if anyone would actually “like” or comment on the photo, so I could get some outside insight. After pacing the apartment in the shoes, I knew what I wanted to do. I placed more glitter on the toe of the shoe, though higher. Then I added a green gemstone stem to the flower. (at least, now it was a flower lol). Also, I decided to place glitter on the back of the shoe where the stitiching line is:

Glitter on the back of the shoe to cover up the stitiching.

Not bad for my first foray into shoe decorating. I would love to find a shoe-making class or something (oh, how very P.S. I Love You, I know…).


If anyone has any good links or ideas to other shoe decor sites or whatnot, please send them my way!! Peace & Shoes,xoxox

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