Gallifrey One 24

5 May

I’m stoked for next February! Hell, who am I kidding? I was ready for next Gallifrey as soon as closing ceremonies for this year’s were over. I’ve got our hotel booked.  Well, hotelS anyways. We’re staying at the Travelodge on Wednesday night, and then moving to the Marriott on Thursday afternoon. I need to find two roommates for the Marriott, but I’m not in a hurry. I do, however, wish they would at least announce the first guest(s) already! Shaun’s hinted at who they are in the last email:

“Now that the dust has settled a bit… we will be making our first guest announcements sometime during the Spring. Our first guest group is usually from ‘Classic’ Who and this year will be no exception. For example: in our first batch, look for a companion actor who’s never done Gallifrey One, a companion actor who’s been gone from Gallifrey One for over a decade, and a production team member making an extremely rare US appearance.”

So you know I jumped on Gally’s website right away to figure out who hasn’t been before/in the last 10+ years. I’ve pretty much got it figured out, well, I think I do anyways. We’ll see 🙂

OH! While I was on the subject of hotels, if you haven’t booked one for Gally yet, here are the backup hotels Shaun et al have told us about:

However… there are still rooms available at the Marriott for the standard rack rate of $169.  There are also plenty of rooms available at neighboring/adjoining hotels — in fact, most at or even below the original Gallifrey One discount rate that was available at the Marriott. If you are interested in a hotel room for the convention, we have created the following list and suggest you not delay making your reservations immediately.

Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel: Rooms are available at $169/night for all nights via the online travel sites (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) Going through the Marriott website does pull up the $169/night rate, but the rate increases during the weekend, so we would advise making your reservations via the travel sites instead. There are no rooms available at the $100/night original discount block (it is sold out). You may also wish to try discounts such as AAA (Auto Club) as well.

Hilton LAX: $102/night. Hotel is next door to the Marriott (on the opposite side of the Marriott’s parking lot and a discount lot). Rate available on the online travel sites is non-refundable, but is $120/night refundable. The Hilton has a 24-hour pizza restaurant.

Crowne Plaza Hotel: $109/night. Hotel is across Aviation Blvd. and a quarter-block down the street (but still within 5 minute walk). Many Gallifrey One attendees stayed here last year and rated it highly.

Renaissance Montura Hotel: $109/night. Immediately north of the Marriott and a very nice hotel.

Travelodge LAX: $73/night, includes free wifi by booking on the online travel sites. Down the street (east) from us on the opposite side of the Hilton; hotel also includes a Denny’s restaurant adjoining. A very good option for many.

Super 8 Motel LAX: $63/night, includes free wifi by booking on the online travel sites. About a quarter mile north of the Marriott, but there is free parking.

Wingate by Wyndham LAX: $88/night. About a half mile east of the Marriott next to the I-405 freeway but very comfortable.

Holiday Inn Los Angeles Airport: $118/night. Also about a half mile east of the Marriott next to the I-405 freeway.

La Quinta Inn LAX: $79/night. Next to the Holiday Inn.”

Really though, everything you need to know is here: and here

Hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo and/or Free Comic Book Day!! I’m off to cook some chips and make some tea for Sherlock tonight.



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