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Argus Filch & Doctor Who

31 May

I am putting everything behind a read “more” for all you spoiler-phobes! And yes I’m looking at you Gary! 😉

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Shoe of the Week: Chanel Gun Heel

31 May

Ever since I saw these on the red carpet I just had to have them. 

 I’ve been looking for them for awhile and finally found a pair I liked. Of course, they HAD to be Chanel. They can be found here. I’m a southern girl (Texas!) and I love to visit the shooting ranges, yet I also love to dress up. The second I saw these, I knew I wanted them.That is what makes them the “Shoe of the Week”! Hope you enjoy!

Can’t Stop the Serenity – Austin, TX

31 May

The Austin Browncoats just announced the dates for Austin’s “Can’t Stop the Serenity”: September 8-9, 2012 at the Alamo Drafthouse at Lake Creek.

Alamo Lake Creek
13729 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX 78750
(512) 416-5700

There will be three screenings on Saturday September 8th: 12p, 5p, and 10p. A no-frills screening is scheduled for Sunday September 9th at 12p. All info thus far released (including screening pricing) can be found here. All proceeds from the CSTS Events around the globe go to Equality Now.

 I hope to see many of you there! Last year’s was a blast and I am sure this year’s will be too!

Stay Shiny!

Dallas Comic Con 2012: Day 2

29 May

Day 2, dun-dun-dunnnnnnn 😉

We woke up early to get ready for the Sunday of the convention. I had planned to do my Army of Ghosts/Doomday Rose Tyler outfit, but I had a raging headache. I put on my Rose makeup, had the wig cap on and then the headache became a migraine. I knew I wouldn’t last 6+ hours in a tight wig, so I said to hell with cosplay and threw on my Shiny Bock Beer shirt and some jeans. Laid back and comfy turned out to be a godsend because it turned out we had plenty of waiting around to do.

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Crap, I AM a fangirl.

29 May

I saw this and my fangirl heart started to beat a little faster. And yes, I do know they aren’t in the same episode. I loved David and Billie together almost as much as I loved David and Catherine.

Ten and Rose 😉


Dallas ComicCon 2012: Day One

28 May

So, it has been a week since Dallas Comic Con. I wanted to do this wrap-up the day or two after it was over, but alas that did not happen. I’ve already covered the drive up to Dallas here, so let’s continue on to the first day of the convention.

My badges for the weekend


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Patrick Stewart walking on stage at Dallas Comic Con 2012

27 May


Stan Lee clip from Dallas ComicCon 2012

27 May

Stan “the Man” Lee talks about Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane at Dallas Comic Con May 19, 2012. (Ignore the crazy laughing. Between mine, my friends and the little boys next to us, there is a constant random hyena sounding laugh.)


My niece at dinner last night!

25 May

Taking a break from working on videos and photos from Dallas Comic Con to show a bit of my totes adorb niece Ryleigh 🙂 Love ya RyRy!

Driving to Dallas

21 May

As we were Dallas ComicCon bound, it’s a short road trip for us, but the short trips always worry me because something could go wrong and strand you when you’re *this* close to your destination. Thankfully, this time around everything went smoothly. As we left Austin, we weren’t even out of the parking lot yet when we encountered a stubborn suicidal bunny. After it hopped along, we were finally on our way. Then, going north on I35 just before Temple, a vulture randomly swoops down and lands in the lane next to ours. All we can do is drive by and look at it, and we watch as it flies off, narrowly missing being run over by an 18wheeler. Stupid bird. I made some stupid remark about its carcass feeding its cannibalistic cousin, which thinking back on it, isn’t as funny now as it was in the car lol.

We stopped off for dinner at Five Guys. We’ve never been there, so we ask about their burgers and the guy tells us that their regular burger comes w/2 patties. Um, wth?! Little burger it is then. Then we tell him we’ll split large fries, and he informs us that large fries can feed 4 ppl. Seriously, who created these portions? The food was fab though, I recommend it.

The rest of the trip was mainly random songs and geeky topics of conversation. We sang to some Garfield and Oates (pregnant women are scum for the win!), and to whatever else played on shuffle. Then we got to talking about the different level of geeks and nerds, especially w/Whovians. We decided that the ones who know the name of every director, producer, writer, extra, monster, whatever of every episode (Classic and New) are nerds, whereas we fall into the category of geek since we love Who, know each NewWho episode name (and some Classics), the main characters, some of writers and directors, but our life isn’t all Who 100% of the time. (Of course, replace Who w/whatever random, video game, LARP, yadda yadda  that fits you). Maybe our definition doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for us so there 🙂

We got to Laura’s parents house at about 1130p, and after greeting them, I promptly fell asleep as I had been up for 22hrs by that point. The box office was supposed to open at 930 Saturday morning, so I decided I would deal w/unpacking in the morning.

Day 1 of Dallas ComicCon will be up either tomorrow or Wednesday. My camera is acting up and I can’t get my videos off it, grrr!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Dallas Comic Con pretrip Entry

18 May

I’m in the middle of packing (we’re leaving in 4 hours), and decided that I needed an entry to cover my first trip to DCC. Guests that will be there that I’m excited about: Sir Patrick Stewart, Summer Glau, James Marsters, Stan Lee, Pete Mayhew, Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, and John DeLancie. The one thing I don’t like is how expensive everyones’ autographs and photo-ops are. I’m only getting Summer’s autograph, which will be Firefly cast #5! Over half of the cast then 🙂

Well, considering I’ve been up for 14 1/2 hours, that’s all your getting out of me. I must finish packing before 5p. I’ll post more after the convention tomorrow and Sunday.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,

Betsey Johnson, please come back soon!

16 May

I thought I would share with everyone. I love Betsey Johnson, and I am going to miss shopping at her stores….

DIY Shoe Decor

16 May

So, I’ve been wanting to decorate a cute pair of shoes to wear with jeans. Just something to cute to jazz up a normal day-to-day outfit. I finally broke down and decided that my red Torrid kitten heels were going to be “sacrificed” for the good of my creativity.

I have gemstones that I usually put on my eyelids when I go downtown, so I opted to use a few of those and some glitter for this project. Add in superglue and I was set. I didn’t really plan it out, or sketch my ideas out. I just grapped the glue and the gemstones and went to town. After I got to a decent stopping point on one shoe, due to the superglue high I was slowly getting, and this is where I was:

Left – before; right – at the halfway point

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Happy Mother’s Day Moeder!! xoxo

13 May

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Accessory of the Week: Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Ring

10 May
Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Ring in 14K Rose Gold (8-9mm)

Zoom in on this image

 I am not a “diamonds are  a girl’s best friend” type of girl. I prefer love pearls! I still can’t afford this ring, but the combination of chocolate pearl and rose gold….*rrr*
Hope you all enjoyed my “Accessory of the Week”!
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