Dream item of the Week: Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag

16 Apr

Yes, a Mulberry bag. You can start seeing dollar signs, pound signs, euro signs…whatever your currency, start seeing them!

Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag, not available.

Ever since photos of Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of Doctor Who) walking around NYC during filming were posted online, I fell in love with this bag.  How can you not? It’s cute, the strap gives it a touch of punk, it’s versatile, and you can still wander around a crowded city without worrying about someone slipping into your bag without you noticing. (ok, the last one still could happen, but this bag does have some useful deterents {ex the clips, the flap over the drawstring closure}).

Karen and her Mulberry. And I love her elephant jumper! (Photo credit: ??)

Thankfully, an amazing cosplayer on the Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming website has identified it relatively quickly (Many thanks to shannon_bean!). I have found different prices on it, anywhere from $830.00 to $1435.00 USD, so it will break the bank and/or make your credit card cry. Of course, that’s dependent on if you can find an original one anywhere, as it is currently unavailable.  Like Shannon says, there are some “outlet” store websites that carry the bag (in the $200-$300 USD range), but they are most likely knockoffs. I don’t condone buying knockoffs, but I’m not y’alls mother, so do what you will.

So, ladies and gents, that is the Dream Item of the Week. If any of my readers decide to pick it up, please oh pretty please, send photos to me (jessicashaferonline@gmail.com) of you proudly showing it off! I’d love to post them on the site ❤

Hope your weekend was rocking!!

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