The Hunger Games **SPOILERS**

6 Apr

I went and saw The Hunger Games on Tuesday afternoon. It was amazing!! I’ll put everything else under a cut for you late-to-the-party people 😉

From the first scene to the end credits, I was enraptured.  I have read the trilogy (many thanks to my manager!!), so I knew not to expect every little detail to be incuded in the film.  To be honest, I was just hoping for my fave scene (Katniss shooting an arrow into the judges, regents, whatever of the Capitol at their individual show-off times before the games), and while it didn’t play out like I imagined it in my head, it was still amaze balls!

I’ve avoided looking at trailers, promo shots, etc. so I can have a fresh (well, fresh except for the book taint lol) persepctive. I loved Seneca and his incredibly well-done beard; Lenny Kravitz as Cinna was perfect and damn he is still fine as hell!); Donald Sutherland was a great choice for President Snow (especially the last scene, he gave me the creeps, and without saying a word!); at first I wasn’t feeling Liam as Gale, but by the end of the film and picturing how Gale was to be portrayed in the next two films, I can see why they picked him; the Careers, perfect casting as I loathed them all; District 11 has my heart due to Rue, Amandla was perfection and the way Rue and Primrose both screamt with such terror and fear *chills*; the mutants/dogs, wtf?! they were wayyyyyy bigger than I could ever imagine. I did miss the faces appearing on them.

Oh, speaking of the dogs, the cornucopia! TOTALLY not how I thought it would look. I was thinking way bigger, and not so metal-like. I’m sure it’s construction and design was way easier to film the scene on though.

I’m wondering if they are even going to address Peeta now having two legs at the end, versus him having the Capitol made prothesis. I was let down by that.

I’m addressing how they handled Haymitch, and also the love-birds at a later point in time

Class is starting. TGIF!!!

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