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Congratulations to Kristian and Walker!!!

29 Apr


1,064 registered for Gally!

21 Apr

Per GallifreyOne: “There are currently 1064 total members of Gallifrey 2013 as of 21 April 2012.”

Idk if that is more than last year at this point, but it seems like alot already, considering Gally is still 10 months away. Maybe I’m still in the Gally newbie stage or whatever, but I’m still stoked 🙂

If you’re thinking of going, here’s the registration info:



Got my 5th Doctor cricket jumper in the mail!!

20 Apr

Many thanks to Bob at Gallifrey Base for setting up this run!

Please ignore the hat hair 🙂

Elisabeth Sladen, a year without our Sarah Jane

19 Apr

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Elisabeth Sladen
1 February 1946 – 19 April 2011

It doesn’t feel like Lis has been gone a year already. I keep expecting to see her pop up on another adventure. I never had the chance to meet Lis, but I am glad I knew of her character Sarah Jane Smith and was able to appreciate her appearance in “School Reunion” in the new Doctor Who. It was obvious how much everyone loved her by the fact the BBC gave us the Sarah Jane Adeventures.

Lis was a compassionate person. She loved everyone she came into contact with, however brief the encounter. She exuded confidence and was a great role model for anyone, female or male.

There’s nothing else you can say other than:

Lis, we loved you, still do, and miss you every day!

Accessory of the Week: Betsey Johnson MultiFlower Necklace

18 Apr

The affordable accessory this week is, of course, a Betsey Johnson piece.  I love her designs (just wish I could fit into her small sized clothing!).

Betsey Johnson MultiFlower Necklace, $68.00

Her “MULTI FLOWER NECKLACE” is a 16″ necklace, with an extra 3″ extender attached. It is nautical-themed with a spring flair, and of course has a cute skull with a bow on it. The colors are perfect for the spring and summer seasons and the website has a few otehr pieces that could be paired up with it perfectly!


Time flies by so fast!

17 Apr

I was going thru random photos on a flash drive and came across this:

Austin Community College Archaeology mini field school, Yucatan, Mexico, 2008

I still can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since we went.  It was a blast, mostly. I would go back in a heartbeat, even if just to visit Merida.

Good times…

Shoe of the Week: Mossimo Cheetah Ballet Flats

17 Apr

I love shoes.  Almost every woman I know does.  So my selection for this week is:

Mossimo Cheetah Ballet Flats via

Animal prints add a little pizzaz, or panache, to any outfit.  You can throw them on with your jeans, or slip into them with a cute summer dress, and best of all, they go with any season! I spoke with my friend Kelly and what she liked best was that they “weren’t too in your face” unless you wanted them to be. “They’re just fun!”

I haven’t found them at my local Target store yet, but you can find them on Target’s website. They are currently $12.99 USD (as of April 17).


Dream item of the Week: Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag

16 Apr

Yes, a Mulberry bag. You can start seeing dollar signs, pound signs, euro signs…whatever your currency, start seeing them!

Mulberry Tillie Drawstring Shoulder Bag, not available.

Ever since photos of Karen Gillan (Amy Pond of Doctor Who) walking around NYC during filming were posted online, I fell in love with this bag.  How can you not? It’s cute, the strap gives it a touch of punk, it’s versatile, and you can still wander around a crowded city without worrying about someone slipping into your bag without you noticing. (ok, the last one still could happen, but this bag does have some useful deterents {ex the clips, the flap over the drawstring closure}).

Karen and her Mulberry. And I love her elephant jumper! (Photo credit: ??)

Thankfully, an amazing cosplayer on the Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming website has identified it relatively quickly (Many thanks to shannon_bean!). I have found different prices on it, anywhere from $830.00 to $1435.00 USD, so it will break the bank and/or make your credit card cry. Of course, that’s dependent on if you can find an original one anywhere, as it is currently unavailable.  Like Shannon says, there are some “outlet” store websites that carry the bag (in the $200-$300 USD range), but they are most likely knockoffs. I don’t condone buying knockoffs, but I’m not y’alls mother, so do what you will.

So, ladies and gents, that is the Dream Item of the Week. If any of my readers decide to pick it up, please oh pretty please, send photos to me ( of you proudly showing it off! I’d love to post them on the site ❤

Hope your weekend was rocking!!


10 Apr

So, I have a few conventions coming up that I’m counting down. I can’t wait!!

Dallas Comic Con: May 19-20

Comicpalooza (Houston): May 25-27

Texas ComiCon (San Antonio): June 22-24

Austin Comic Con: October 26-28

Gallifrey One (LA): February 15-17, 2013

I never thought living in Austin would put me in a prime convention spot. Then again, I didn’t get into conventions until I was 30. Yay for being a geek!

Anyone have conventions they recommend? Do you go to cons? Let us know!!

Peace & Who

The Hunger Games **SPOILERS**

6 Apr

I went and saw The Hunger Games on Tuesday afternoon. It was amazing!! I’ll put everything else under a cut for you late-to-the-party people 😉

Continue reading


4 Apr

You guys, I cannot say enough amazing thing about you, my lovely lovely readers! You all rock and are freaking fantastic!! When I started this blog, I sure didn’t think I would have even a tenth of that viewing my site.  Words cannot express how shocked I was when I saw my stats today.

Work area at home

1 Apr

So, in my apartment I have a section of my living room cornered off to act as my work area. I call it my “sewing/jewelry making/cosplay” creative space. Considering the apartment is just at 500 sqft, giving up as much space as I did was my way of accepting my new outlets. The only things I don’t have room for anywhere in my apartment are all my action figures. My daleks, TARDII and select Doctors are in my room, but for the most part, the figures are bagged up, le sigh. Here are a few photos to explain it all better.

Hope y’all had a grand weekend!!

Peace & Who

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