My First #Gally Experience: Thursday

27 Feb

So, it finally happened.  I made it to Gallifrey One, THE Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles.  I was dissappointed when my plans fell through last year, but not this year! 🙂

Laura met me at my apartment on that morning and we drove to ABIA. We wondered if there were going to be any other Austin Doctor Who peeps on our flight, and there was! Sean from the Tardis Tavern was there, as well as two other girls who were connecting from Baltimore (HEY!!). The flight was fine, but OMG when we lost altitude (over the Cali/AZ border I think), I grabbed the seat in front of me and thought my stomach was going to fly out of my throat.  The kids all shrieked (which I don’t blame them). Upon touchdown, the overhead compartment across from us flew open. Four hands flew up to stop the bags from coming out to which we all applauded.  We actually arrived in LA ~20-25 minutes early, as our pilot treated the 737 like a stolen Lambo >_<

We grabbed our luggage and found the Marriott shuttle.  We sat in the back by Sean, and then Shaun the Convention Director got on (Hi Shaun!) got on board and we all chatted with him on the way there.  THEN I geeked out, becuase I saw Richard Franklin was on our shuttle. I had a quick fangirl moment, which thankfully he couldn’t see lol. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. (FYI The Marriott at LAX had me pay at check-in, so be prepared for the off chance it happens to you).

After checkin in, what did we do? (Note to self, don’t wait over a week to do this write-up. As an archaeologist, I should know this.) We ate dinner at Champions (higher prices, but HUGE portions); hit up the liquour store (Pinky’s maybe? All I can say is that at the age of 31, I GOT CARDED! WTF?! I’ve never been carded, sigh.) I got my messenger bag, threw my ribbons in and we went to see what this LobbyCon was all about.  It turned into a blur of activity and ribbon exchanging.  If I remember anything else pertinent, I’ll add it in later.

Next up, Friday!


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