Quick update

26 Feb

I haven’t forgotten about y’all; just been busy. I have an exam and anthro theory paper due tomorrow, so expect my Gallifrey One review shortly after that.

Last night was an Austin Doctor Who shindig. It was great to meet more fans in the area, talk shop, watch some Classic Who (The Sun Makers), and our host Michelle was finally introduced to the amazingness that was the Barrowman/Tennant kiss at SDCC ’08.

We also began planning out a get together during SXSW since BBCA and Steven Moffat will be in town. *fingers crossed* everything works out.

Oh! Check out Radio Free Skaro‘s newest podcast. They quickly mention “The Three Who Fangirl” (I’m still trying to get the name to catch on, as I want to podcast) at the 20:18 mark. Go listen! Now!

Til next time…..

Peace & Who

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