Gally was amazing!

21 Feb

While the post title doesn’t exactly do it justice, it does pretty much sum it up. I’ll do my highpoint and photos update tmw after class.

We did decide to fly out on Wednesday next year, bc I missed the SoCal beaches
(and surfing) this year. Also, I learnt to take the Tuesday after the con off because I was utterly useless at work. (At least the plane got out relatively on time. 4 ULDs over 7000 pounds, WTH?!)

I met some fantastic ppl who I hope to see again. I shall hang out at the Champions bar more often as I was talking to ppl nonstop while I was there (and the hot bartender didn’t hurt. The butt on him, gorgeous. *side note, the hot black one, not the pompous white one* He also gave me the hookup on my drinks)

Anyways, this is turning into a total squirrel! moment so I’m ending it. Watch here tmw for the fun stuff 🙂 ❤

Peace & Who

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