Dallas SciFi Expo is going to make me go broke!

23 Jan

I’m on cloud nine right now!! Next month, the weekend before Gallifrey  One, is the Dallas SciFi Expo.  My fellow geek chick friend Laura and I are heading up to the expo.  Why, because there is a mini Friefly/Serenity reunion: Ron Glass, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite, and Adam Baldwin.  *squee*

Now you may ask yourself, didn’t she just meet Adam in November? Why yes, yes I did.  But this is a whole nother experience.  And you wanna know why? (don’t click the back button, just say “why?”), because the SciFi Expo is doing a group photo op on Saturday!! I am uber excited and don’t even know how I am able to contain all this geekery flowing through my veins right now.  I already have my Firefly book ready to be signed (which will also be signed by Jane Espenson at Gally), and I’ll be wearing my “Cancel Glee and Renew Firefly” shirt for the photo. (my apologies to all the “gleeks” out there, but come on….”)

The downside to this all is this: the photo-op is $105, and each autograph is $30.  I’ve already got Ron Glass’ autograph that I won at a Can’t Stop the Serenity event (on a map of Miranda), but I would like to keep a complete Firfely book as well, understand? So, I know you’re thinking, if it means this much to you, then just do it.  Wellllllll, I still have Gallifrey One the following weekend.  The photos for those I’ve already purchased (Paul McGann, Camille Codouri, William Russell, Tony Curran, and Nicholas Briggs), and god only knows how much the autographs will cost.  Plus I still have to eat, drink and possibly souvenir it up.  And tips for everyone under the sun.  Bright side, I already have all my costume parts purchased sans a pair of black shoes…..sigh.  February is going to bankrupt me.  So worth it.

Ok, screw it, I’m going to buy the damn photo-op.

How was everyone’s weekend? Doing anything crazy insane and off the wall? Relax? Did everyone’s teams make it into the Superbowl? (besides ine lol).

I’m off to my first class of the day.

Peace and love,



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