General wacktastic update

8 Oct


Ok, enough of that.  I feel better now 🙂

So….since last time what has happened?  I opted to not turn in my theory paper because I needed to study for an exam.  Plus side, I got a B on the exam and he drops the lowest paper grade including a zero, so those are both food things.  Bad side, the professor is pissed at the 5 of us who did not turn the paper in basically calling it a chicken shit move but honestly, I am not turning in a halfass paper (that would be getting dropped anyways!) and then doing halfass on the exam.  So I’m pretty much like F him *meh* at this point.

Internship wise, I have gone from 14 minutes to take the rifle apart and put back together down to 8m40-41s.  And without doing any damage to it.  We’re working on a civil war project and some textiles too so it’s going great 🙂

Art wise, I need to do more pieces.  And I need to put better pictures on my Etsy shop of my art and my jewelry.  They are pretty craptastic right now and that is not helping sell anything. Well, that and the fact I think I only have 3 or 4 items up, but 20 items at home waiting to find a loving owner (other than me lol).

Costumery is at a standstill due to the lack of funds right now.  It is stressing me out a little because I need to at least get the Firefly and Steampunk outfits done by Halloween so I can do some test runs that weekend.  The Doctor Who ones I am not worried about because I have quite a few to choose from that ARE finished and all I really need for my NCIS Abby is the lab coat so no worries there either.

Speaking of costumes, I signed up for the Wonder Woman Universe photo shoot at Dragon*Con next year.  I’ll be doing Etta Candy.  She was the only on the list that didn’t require  spandex and a micromini skirt. Plus my working out is going good so who knows what I’ll be down to at that point.  Since it’s not until next August/September I have time to worry about that AFTER I graduate (DECEMBER!! hfjjhhuiauia343!)

Work is…….going.  I’ll say that so as not to speak my mixed feelings about it.  I’m pretty much just taking it hour by hour because that is how quickly things change there (hell, minute by minute more like it). Peak season starts the day after Thanksgiving, hence why I am always chilling in Austin for the “holiday”.

Anyone catch all the Doctor Who references floating around all the tv shows lately? While I am happy that everyone is geeking out over one my fave shows, I still worry that DW is getting to big for its britches (how Texan of me).  I now it’s not likely to go anywhere before the big 50th anniversary series/episode(s), I just worry about its future following that. *sigh* We’ll see.  I didn’t much care for Series 6.  It seemed to be the “Series to make the fans all go WTF?!?” Moffatt does make great episodes, but I am not sure who much longer he can hold out doing most of the episodes; that maybe he is a bit overwhelmed.  And don’t get me started on the series finale (“Wedding” of River Song. More like “Gotcha River!!!”) And yes, I am a Doctor/Rose shipper, but even I understand that she is indeed stuck in the Parallel Earth with TenII, so the Doctor must/will move on.  What I don’t like is that we won’t (more than likely) see how River got her sonic screwdriver because I was under the assumption that Ten gave it to her *shrugs* Moff how you screw with my head!!! And River, why must she be written as this strong woman in the SITL/FOTD and then have her story turn into Child of the TARDIS/Kidnapped by crazy tall dancing-while-I-kill-you guys in suits/Stalker who tries to kill Eleven only to give him endless regenerations??? AHHHHH, Moff you slay us all!

That is all I have floating in my head right now. Not sure what will come out of me next, but I hope it’s groovetastic 🙂 Everyone have a great weekend and a smooth ride next week!

Peace & Who,

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